I really don’t have a lot going on today so I just wanted to share a few things I’m loving right now


These cute little wedding cakes.

I love the rustic look for a winter wedding, they’re so pretty.

I saw these on Pinterest of course



I’ve noticed fancy door wreaths are very popular as of late and I love the burlap.

You can find this one on Etsy

I’m definitely going to be trying my hand at making a few very soon.




I never knew what clean eating really was, I assumed that because it was healthy it was probably boring but I was very wrong. I won’t lie I have fallen off the wagon lately but I plan on getting back to it. I love the way clean eating makes me feel. So here is a little starter guide to what you need to eat clean.



Last but not least, paint colors!

We’re moving in to a new house soon that we’re buying and I have been all over Pinterest looking at different colors. I love blue anything and I really love this palette. I decided the guest bedroom is definitely going to be a pretty little pale blue color.




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